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"We're really blessed in this country to have the Judeo-Christian tradition of wanting to love each other and help each other have better lives and to enjoy life and be good to each other. As opposed to the tradition of some Islamofascist localities where they do the reverse - sending their own children off to be blown up."
The Big Picture, 4/29/04.
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    Saudi Arabia

    February 27, 2006

    Saudis Avoid Gitmo-Style Criticism

    I seem to remember reading an opinion that Saudis rarely arrest terrorists—instead, you read far more often that terrorists sought by Saudis have died in a firefight. A Google search finds far more of one story than the other. Today’s news on the subject may be a case in point:

    Saudi forces kill suspected militants after siege

    By Andrew Hammond

    RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi forces on Monday killed five suspected militants believed to be linked to an al Qaeda attack on the world’s biggest oil processing plant, the Interior Ministry said.

    A shootout began at dawn after security forces besieged suspects in a villa in east Riyadh where several Western residential compounds are located.

    An official statement said five men were killed and one other suspected militant was arrested elsewhere in the capital.

    "Early this morning security forces stormed a building in east Riyadh which a criminal gang was using as a center for attacks and corruption," it said. "All five were killed after an intense exchange of fire."

    I guess the Saudis didn’t want to put the effort into besieging the building and capturing the terrorists. This has benefits—the Saudis don’t have to put up with international criticism of the manner in which the terrorists are held, a la international criticism of the U.S. regarding Gitmo.

    February 13, 2006

    GORE GOES OVERSEAS, SLAMS AMERICA. The Dems appear to be being led by madmen. Do they really want to be known as the party whose leaders cannot be relied on to stand up for the country on a mere overseas speaking engagement? The party whose leaders go all over the world attempting to do harm to the standing of our country?

    He’s going to Saudi Arabia, and saying the U.S. has committed ‘abuses’ against Arabs—providing valuable quotes for use by Al Qaeda.

    Gore’s behavior goes beyond putting party before country. This appears to be a politician who desperately wants attention, putting his own interests before those of his party and those of his country.

    August 03, 2005

    Musharraf’s Ban on Foreign Students in Madrassas: A Bulls-Eye in the Fight Against Islamofascism

    Yesterday I blogged on Pakistani President Musharraf’s excellent move to ban foreign students from studying in his country’s madrassas, so as to limit his country’s production and export of terrorists.

    Tonight we have news of the madrassas’ reaction:

    One of Pakistan’s largest madrassas, or religious institutions, has turned to foreign diplomats in a bid to overturn a recent ban on foreign students.
    ...Madrassas became a centre of attention after reports that a London bomber had studied in one of them.

    Jamia Binoria has over 100 foreign students, many from Europe and the US.

    "We will do whatever we can to help them complete their education," the school’s Mufti Naeem told the BBC.

    "But if the government says its decision is final, there is not much we can do."

    Madrassa leaders say they have also contacted one of Pakistan’s top lawyers, Sharifuddin Pirzada, to explore the possibility of challenging the government’s expulsion decision in the Supreme Court.


    Mufti Naeem said foreign students were still reeling from the impact of the government’s decision.

    "These last few days have been like a living hell for us," he said.

    This is a bulls-eye in the fight against Islamofascism. As I have been saying, the way to destroy terrorism is not merely to arrest and or kill the terrorists and their immediate leaders; it is to impose severe costs on the civilian communities which give birth to them, in every sense of the word—so as to reduce the production of terrorists to replace them. Actions such as this one by Musharraf impose a substantial penalty on the Islamofascist community in Pakistan—uprooting people from their midst. It is an example of the kind of cost that such societies must be made to pay. These civilian populations will fold under pressure. They’re not really fighting for anything. It does them no immediate good to produce killers of women and children. Imposing rigorous blow-back on them for producing such killers will, in my opinion, quickly show them that doing so is a failed strategy.

    11:47 AM • Permalink & Comments (3)Blogroll The Big Picture!

    Categories: Saudi Arabia,

    Most recent ones by: FaranVik RubenfeldTsar Lazar

    July 07, 2005

    Revelations from Saudi Arabia

    * Relatives of Bin Laden changing their names
    * Tribes of flower people living in the mountains
    * A single province where most of the 9/11 hijackers came from
    * The author’s description of attempts by the Saudis to intimidate him
    * Poverty, oppression and corruption
    * And his description of the influence of Saudi money on American politicians and intellectuals

    All are in this “interview with John R. Bradley,”:http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=18690 author of “Saudi Arabia Exposed: Inside a Kingdom in Crisis.”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1403964335/ref=ase_johnrbradley-20/102-6401846-0149711

    bq. Money talks in Washington, and the Al-Saud have a lot of it to throw around. They have ingratiated themselves – to put it mildly – with successive presidents, be they Democrat or Republican. They put former American ambassadors to Riyadh on the payroll, and you find them popping up at conferences all the time saying that the Al-Saud are the only answer, that we must continue to stick with the Saudi regime. They fund think tanks, which are then compromised in what they can say about Saudi Arabia when it comes to drawing up foreign policy initiatives. They fund Middle East departments at major universities, which are basically in the hands of a pro-Palestinian, pro-Arab regimes mafia.

    bq. They also buy off so-called “experts”, academics and journalists – if not directly with cash (and that does happen; your magazine has given lists in the past) then with the implicit threat of withholding visas for subsequent trips to the kingdom, which such individuals need to make in order to say “when I was in the kingdom recently” to give their comments an air of credibility…

    June 23, 2005

    Bill Seeks to Put a Stop to Saudi Aid to Terrorists

    “Robert Spencer:”:http://frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=18520

    bq. The Saudis have been playing a double game since 9/11, maintaining their alliance with the U.S. while aiding the jihad worldwide; now [Senator Arlen] Specter and the bill’s other sponsors are trying to put a stop to the duplicity.

    bq. ... the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act of 2005 could change all that. It calls upon the Saudis to take genuine anti-terror steps, including to cooperate openly and fully with American anti-terror efforts; to close all “charities, schools, or other organizations or institutions” both inside and outside the Kingdom that aid in terrorism anywhere around the world, “including by means of providing support for the families of individuals who have committed acts of terrorism.” And it calls for sanctions to punish noncompliance. Such measures are the only way that Saudi Arabia could today become a genuine ally of the United States. Senator Specter and the other senators who sponsored this bill are to be commended — and every American should hope that their efforts bear fruit.

    This bill is much-needed.

    June 09, 2005

    *HYPE:* “TOP SAUDI SAYS KINGDOM HAS PLENTY OF OIL.”:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/06/09/AR2005060900148_pf.html

    bq. “The world is more likely to run out of uses for oil than Saudi Arabia is going to run out of oil,” Adel al-Jubeir, top foreign policy adviser for Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler Crown Prince Abdullah, said Wednesday.

    That does not appear likely to be true. It’s meant to discourage development of alternative energy sources.

    May 02, 2005

    Sheikh Ali al-Timimi Convicted for Inciting Violent Attacks on America

    From “Daniel Pipes:”:http://frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=17913

    bq. What is so momentous about the Timimi conviction, Erdley notes, is its being the first time since 9/11 that the U.S. government has put away a terrorist not for his deeds, such as raising money or blowing something up, but for his words.

    bq. The previous time this occurred was in 1995, when the feds convicted Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheikh, for having incited the (aborted) “day of terror” planned in New York City for June 1993. As the lead prosecutor in the case, Andrew C. McCarthy, explained, what made the prosecution in this case unique, was the government’s

    bq(((. stratagem to focus on the jihad organization behind the individuals carrying out this program: all the defendants were charged under the seditious conspiracy statute, which criminalizes agreements to wage war against the United States and to oppose government authority by force.

    This is a shot across the bow of “all the Saudi-funded schools and mosques in the U.S. that teach people to hate Americans.”:http://www.bigpicweblog.com/exp/index.php/weblog/comments/anti_american_violence_preached_in_a_mosque_in_a_small_town_in_america

    bq. ...That said, it is troubling to see the mainstream media so consistently seeming not to see the import of these developments. Rather, they tend to ignore a case like that of Ali al-Timimi – or, if they do notice it, focus on the wrong set of issues.

    It’s fine with me if MSM ignores this. All MSM likes to do is to attack our efforts to not get nuked. It appears to me that it’s all right if they stay out of it.

    bq. My guess is that, once again, the Internet has to make up for this failing.

    Rock on.

    11:37 PM • Permalink & Comments (1)Blogroll The Big Picture!

    Categories: Counter-Terrorism, Saudi Arabia,

    Comment thread started by: Mavenette

    April 29, 2005

    Great Comments from Reader Mavenette Provide Insight on Saudi-Funded Schools in America

    In the comment section to a recent post here, “Anti-American Violence Preached in a Mosque in a Small Town in America,”:http://www.bigpicweblog.com/exp/index.php/weblog/comments/anti_american_violence_preached_in_a_mosque_in_a_small_town_in_america/ reader Mavenette has been providing very insightful comments regarding her own personal experience at such a school.

    Mavenette also has an excellent blog, “Cynicistan,”:http://www.mavenette.blogspot.com/ which I’ve been reading regularly.

    April 25, 2005

    Brutal Religious Opression in Saudi Arabia - But a British Lecturers’ Union Condemns Israel

    Religious oppression in Saudi Arabia is “off the charts:”:http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/shea200504250752.asp

    bq. Before boarding his flight to Crawford to meet with President Bush Monday, *Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah presided over the arrest of 40 Pakistani Christians on Friday.* Their crime? The Pakistanis were caught praying in a private home in the capital Riyadh in violation of the state’s strictly enforced religious law that bans all non-Muslim worship.

    bq. As the State Department has determined, there is no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia and everyone there, Muslim or not, must obey the rules of the extreme sharia of the kingdom’s established religion, the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. The Saudi state indoctrinates its nationals from an early age in the Wahhabi ideology of zero tolerance for the “other.” *Government textbooks and publications teach that it is a religious obligation for Muslims to hate Christians and Jews* and warn against imitating, befriending, or helping them in any way, or taking part in their festivities and celebrations. The state teaches a Nazi-like hatred for Jews, treats the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion as historical fact, and avows that the Muslim’s duty is to eliminate the state of Israel.

    Even other Muslims are viciously oppressed in Saudi Arabia:

    bq. For example, Muslims who follow the Sufi and Shiite traditions are viewed as heretical dissidents and viciously condemned and discriminated against by the state. Regarding those who convert out of Islam, the Saudi ministry of Islamic affairs explicitly asserts in publications Freedom House has acquired, they “should be killed.”

    Which really makes you wonder about these “boneheads at the leading British lecturer’s union, the AUT:”:http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,,1452239,00.html

    bq. Israeli academics who refuse to condemn their government’s actions in the occupied territories risk a boycott by the UK’s leading lecturers’ union.

    bq. The Association of University Teachers’ annual council, which begins on April 20 in Eastbourne, will also debate whether to boycott three of Israel’s eight universities - Haifa University, Bar Ilan University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem - over their alleged complicity with the government’s policies on the Palestinian territories. The union voted against an academic boycott policy two years ago, but campaigners believe the motions are more likely to be passed this year.

    bq. The new boycott motion contains a clause to exclude “conscientious Israeli academics and intellectuals opposed to their state’s colonial and racist policies”.

    By opposing intellectual freedom and freedom of speech, and by supporting the very Islamofascists who want to oppress them, those morons at the AUT show that they don’t care about anything except backing whoever they think has the most power. They are intellectually bankrupt.

    April 23, 2005

    Harvey Kushner’s New Book Reveals What’s Really Going On with Terrorist Activites in the U.S.

    Previously I’d noticed that no terrorist incidents were taking place in the U.S., and I hoped that there wasn’t much activity on the part of terror cells here. My eyes were opened by Harvey Kushner’s new book, Holy War on the Home Front: The Secret Terror Network in the United States:

    There’s much, much more. It appears to me that until a person is familiar with the matters Kushner describes, he or she has no idea what’s really going on in this country on the part of Islamofascists who are working to harm us.

    April 22, 2005

    Saudi Funding to U.S. Universities

    Janet Levy has brought to my attention documentation regarding funds donated to American Universities. From “Lee Kaplan,”:http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=12833 in FrontPage Magazine:

    bq. One wonders why a theocratic totalitarian regime where 30 to 50 percent of the population is illiterate, and where Ph.D. recipients teach that Jews use the blood of Gentile children to make matzoh, would not devote some of the money it has invested in the American educational system to enhancing its own. Yet the money the Saudis are pouring into our universities in the form of gifts and endowments is alarming: King Fahd donated $20 million dollars to set up a Middle East Studies Center at the University of Arkansas; $5 million was donated to UC Berkeley’s Center For Middle East Studies from two Saudi sheiks linked to funding al-Qaeda; $2.5 million dollars to Harvard; $8.1 million dollars to Georgetown; $11 million dollars to Cornell; $1.5 million dollars to Texas A&M; $5 million dollars to MIT; $1 million dollars to Princeton. Rutgers received $5 million dollars to endow a chair. So did Columbia, which tried to obscure the money’s source. Other recipients of Saudi largesse include UC-Santa Barbara, Johns Hopkins, Rice University, American University, University of Chicago, Syracuse University, USC, UCLA, Duke University and Howard University, among many others.

    bq. Saudi infiltration works on several levels. By creating new Middle East Studies Centers and such endowed chairs on campuses across the nation, the Saudis are able to influence the curriculum taught to the next generation of Americans. That curriculum is decidedly anti-Western, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. This curriculum “molds” the next generation to revile Israel and America as “imperialist” and “racist” nations.

    Read the whole thing.

    Want to Know the Official Name of Al Qaeda?

    Last night I went to a dinner for Paul Marshall, author and senior fellow at Freedom House’s Center for Religious Freedom. The dinner was organized and hosted by Janet Levy. Paul is the editor of books including “Radical Islam’s Rules: The Worldwide Spread of Extreme Shari’a Law,”:http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=6F22w9nCQE&endeca=1&isbn=0742543625&itm=3 and author of books including “Islam at the Crossroads: Understanding Its Beliefs, History, and Conflicts.”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0801064163/104-6615255-3318311?v=glance

    p=. image
    _Georgette Gelbard, Event Organizer Janet Levy (standing), and author Paul Marshall._
    _Click the photo for a larger image._

    We heard a lot of fascinating info:

    * The official name of Al Qaeda is “World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Crusaders and Jews.”:http://www.fas.org/irp/world/para/ladin.htm This is a not-so-subtle indication of the goals of the organization, to promote violence against Christians and Jews. Paul commented that it’s surprising that mainstream media refuses to publicize the full name of the organization.

    * On Shari’a Law: in countries that permit the stoning of women, terrorism is practiced. Shari’a is a legal code based on an Islamofascist interpretation of the Koran. Under Shari’a, the judge is considered to express god’s will.

    * Under Shari’a, criticism of the court or of the government is therefore punishable by death.

    * Rulings of any government body are immaterial when they conflict with the rulings of the judge

    * Shari’a Law therefore produces chaos and is inimical with democracy and freedom.

    * Under Shari’a, a woman’s testimony is worth one-quarter of a Muslim man’s testimony in court. So if a woman is raped, it takes four Muslim female eye-witnesses to convict the rapist in a Shari’a court.

    * A Jewish or Christian man’s testimony is worth one-half of a Muslim man’s testimony in court. You can imagine how hard it can be for a Jewish or Christian to win a case against a Muslim.

    * In Iran under Shari’a Law, there is no penalty whatsoever for killing someone of the Baha’i faith. Baha’i citizens have no legal status.

    * The genocide in Sudan and Darfur is often considered not to be a religious war, since it is a war of Muslim against Muslim. However, the goal of those carrying out the genocide is the imposition of Shari’a law. An official Jihad was declared by the attacking forces for that purpose. Therefore those wars are explicitly religious in nature.

    Paul noted that it appears that the Saudis may be providing funding to universities including Harvard, Princeton and Berkeley, in order to sway them to support its views.

    Paul discussed the strategic importance of India. It has as many people as China—over a billion. It can become a superpower in that part of the world, counterbalancing Communist China. It is the key to the Indian Ocean. It’s got something that France and other EU countries, other than England, do not have—an army. (All this Liberal talk about not having military support from EU nations is a joke, because their military forces are relatively small). And, Paul hears, the Indian army is quite good. India’s economy is growing at 6% a year. *It is the official policy of the United States to help India become a great power.*

    Finally, the Chinese have a lot of internal pressures to deal with. There is a strong Christian movement in China. There is also a strong capitalist movement, on the part of Chinese entrepreneurs who have seen from Hong Kong what capitalism can do, and want to be turned loose.

    *In every part of the world except the Arabic nations, freedom has been increasing over the past several decades. However, in the Arabic nations, freedom has been decreasing, and Shari’a law has been expanding to more and more countries.*

    That’s a lot of great info, isn’t it?

    March 31, 2005

    Nuclear Power as a Way to Defund the Jihad and Insure America’s Energy Independence

    Peter W. Huber and Mark P. Mills have a “comprehensive discussion of America’s energy usage.”:http://www.city-journal.org/html/15_1_nuclear_power.html They state that nuclear power is safe:

    bq. And uranium’s combination of power and super-density makes the fuel less of a terror risk, not more, at least from an engineering standpoint. It’s easy to “overbuild” the protective walls and containment systems of nuclear facilities, since—like the pyramids—the payload they’re built to shield is so small. Protecting skyscrapers is hard; no builder can afford to erect a hundred times more wall than usable space. Guaranteeing the integrity of a jumbo jet’s fuel tanks is impossible; the tanks have to fly. Shielding a nuclear plant’s tiny payload is easy—just erect more steel, pour more concrete, and build tougher perimeters.

    bq. In fact, it’s a safety challenge that we have already met. Today’s plants split atoms behind super-thick layers of steel and concrete; future plants would boast thicker protection still. *All the numbers, and the strong consensus in the technical community, reinforce the projections made two decades ago: it is extremely unlikely that there will ever be a serious release of nuclear materials from a U.S. reactor.*

    And they point out the need the U.S. has to be energy-independent:

    bq. *It must surely be clear by now, too, that the political costs of depending so heavily on oil from the Middle East are just too great.* We need to find a way to stop funneling $25 billion a year (or so) of our energy dollars into churning cauldrons of hate and violence. By sharply curtailing our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, we would greatly expand the range of feasible political and military options in dealing with the countries that breed the terrorists.

    bq. The best thing we can do to decrease the Middle East’s hold on us is to turn off the spigot ourselves. For economic, ecological, and geopolitical reasons, U.S. policymakers ought to promote electrification on the demand side, and nuclear fuel on the supply side, wherever they reasonably can.

    Counter-Jihad Sprouts in Spain

    The Washington Times reports on a “counter-jihad”:http://www.washtimes.com/world/20050329-125828-1853r.htm by the Islamic Council of Spain:

    bq. The Spanish commission’s fatwa, or condemnation, follows other signs of the kind of public theological debate rarely seen in the Muslim world, openly challenging the dominance of Saudi Arabia’s wealthy Wahhabi fanatics.

    bq. One Islamic scholar even calls it a sign of “a counter-jihad.”

    bq. In a recent interview with the Qatari daily newspaper Al-Raya, for example, Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari, the former dean of Shariah and law at the University of Qatar, urged his fellow Muslims to purge their heritage of fanaticism and adopt “new civilized humane thought.”

    March 30, 2005

    Oppression of Christians in the Mid-East

    The Spectator has a “report”:http://www.spectator.co.uk/article.php?id=5882 (registration required) saying that Christians in Iraq are suffering from oppression for their religion.

    bq. At a church in Basra I visited a month after the war ended, the women complained of attacks against them for not wearing the Islamic veil. I saw many Christian-owned shops that had been firebombed, with many of the owners killed for exercising their legal right to sell alcohol. Two years and many church attacks later, Iraq may still be occupied by Christian foreign powers, but the Islamist plan to ethnically cleanse Iraq of its nearly 2,000-year-old Assyrian and Armenian Christian communities is reaching fruition.

    bq. ...Across the Islamic world, Christians are systematically discriminated against and persecuted. Saudi Arabia — the global fountain of religious bigotry — bans churches, public Christian worship, the Bible and the sale of Christmas cards, and stops non-Muslims from entering Mecca. Christians are regularly imprisoned and tortured on trumped-up charges of drinking, blaspheming or Bible-bashing, as some British citizens have found. Just last month, furthermore, Saudi Arabia announced that only Muslims can become citizens.

    bq. The Copts of Egypt make up half the Christians in the Middle East, the cradle of Christianity. They inhabited the land before the Islamic conquest, and still make up a fifth of the population. By law they are banned from being president of the Islamic Republic of Egypt or attending Al Azhar University, and severely restricted from joining the police and army. By practice they are banned from holding any high political or commercial position. Under the 19th-century Hamayouni decrees, Copts must get permission from the president to build or repair churches — but he usually refuses. Mosques face no such controls.

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